Ace Card’s Security certificates

The Ace Card is a special microSD card that safely stores information about your digital wallet inside a secure chip and outside of its common memory and out of the reach of its operating system. In case your device is infected, it is usually relatively easy to get to your blockchain access data. The Ace Card solves this problem and protects your blockchain access data inside a secure chip that is practically unbreakable thanks to all its security features, the secure architecture of the Ace Card and the encrypted communication between the Ace Card the smart Android device.

The Ace Card is also a regular memory card that can be inserted in any electronic device with a microSD slot and SD slot (using an adapter) for storing your pictures, songs or contacts.

In case that your electronic device storing sensitive data is infected, it is usually relatively easy to get to your blockchain access data. Don’t save your sensitive data directly on your Android device. Use the Ace Card which protects your data and finances inside its secure chip.

The Ace Card is a secure means of securing your finances in the blockchain. In contrast with other products, our Ace Card is a component of your mobile device so you don’t need to carry any additional external devices for authentication.

No more external device that needs to be connected to your computer or phone to work with sensitive data and crypto. Use the Ace Cards solution and use your hardware wallet safely and directly on your mobile device.

The Ace Wallet app tied with the Ace Card able to directly communicate with the secure chip. Ace Wallet is the only mobile app that can work with the Ace Card.

Technical features of the microSDHC Memory Card
Structure of the Ace Card protecting your coins
Standard interface

Ace Card uses a standard SD interface to connect with the electronic device into which it is inserted. This secures that Ace Card will work in any device with a microSD slot supporting OS Android.

Certifications of Secure Element

• BSI: Certificate Number: BSI-DSZ-CC-0857-V2-2015, Valid 2020, April 26
• BSI: Certificate Number: BSI-DSZ-CC-0633-V2-2014, Valid 2020, April 26
• BSI: Certificate Number: BSI-DSZ-CC-0858-V2-2015, Valid 2020, April 26
• BSI: Certificate Number: BSI-DSZ-CC-0750-V2-2014, Valid 2020, April 26
• VISA: VISA’s Product Compliance Recognition, Certificate Number: BSI-DSZ-CC-0750-V2-2014, Valid 2018, March 16
• PCN: EMVCo Platform Certificate Number (chip SW platform): PCN0010 and renewal, Valid: 2016
• and more …


microSDHC Memory Card common memory

The Ace Card provides standard storage for the user. It can be utilized in the same way as with any standard microSDHC Memory Card. The Ace Card works in FAT32 format and is currently available with 4GB or 16GB of storage space. We are also preparing a version with 16GB storage.

microSDHC Memory Card specifications

• Card type: microSDHC Memory Card
• Interface: UHS-I (UHS50)
• Speed class: 10

The dimensions of the Ace Card are the same as a standard microSDHC Memory Card.

Length x Width x Thickness:
15 mm x 11 mm x 1 mm. The weight is about 1g.
The operating temperature of the Ace Card is 0 ° C – 70 ° C.

About the Ace Wallet payment application
Try our Ace Wallet Android application

Ace Wallet is an Android app that allows the user to work with cryptocurrencies. Unlike other wallets, ours is tailored for the Ace Card (special microSD card), which serves as a hardware security key to access the blockchain.

Ace Wallet is a hardware crypto wallet that has its security covered by a secure and certified chip, embedded directly into the microSD card itself.

Download Ace Wallet from Google Play
Functions of Ace Wallet solution

Two-factor Authentication

A two-factor authentication protects your data by requesting a secondary password that is usually randomly generated on a separate device than the one that you are logging into.

Secure hardware chip

The Ace Card stores all your sensitive data on a secure chip that is completely separated from both the regular storage of the Ace Card and the regular storage of the Android device.

Fingerprint security

An added layer of security is available on devices that support fingerprint authentication.

Auto erase function

Your sensitive data gets automatically and completely wiped in a case of your Ace Card getting stolen and/or an attacker somehow bypassing all the security features.

Password authentication

Without the master password that only you, the owner knows, the sensitive data is safe and sound, inaccessible to anyone without the risk of triggering the auto-erase feature.

Multiple coin support

Bitcoin is currently our coin of choice but we plan to implement support for additional ones in the near future.

Card restore

The only way to recover auto-erased data is by using a specific recovery phrase(seed) that restores your blockchain – a set of words that only the wallet owner knows.

In-app support

We stay in touch with you, collect feedback and solve issues. Our team supports our users both in English and in German.

Screenshots from Ace Wallet
Frequently asked questions about the Ace Wallet
Look at our FAQ or our our support center

How is Ace Wallet different?

Ace Wallet is a wallet that protects your secure blockchain data from being stolen using a secure hardware chip. The chip is integrated into a special microSD card that includes an encryption processor and secure storage. Your blockchain sensitive is stored in a dedicated space of a secure hardware chip and is not stored on the Android device itself nor in the common flash memory of the Ace Card itself.

What currencies does Ace Wallet support?

Ace Wallet currently supports Bitcoin and Etherium. Support for other currencies and new functionalities is currently underway. These will be available free of charge via updates on the Google Play Store.

What about updates?

The Ace Wallet wallet gradually unlocks new features through updates of the Wallet app for example to add new currencies and features. You can download the updated Ace Wallet app from Google Play.

When will my Ace Wallet be available on Google Play?

Ace Wallet can’t and will not work without the dedicated Ace Card, therefore, the Ace Wallet app will come to market along with the first batch of cards. Ace Cards are currently being sold from a limited stock enabling immediate distribution. After the stock is spend new delivery times will be public.

Can the Ace Card be misused?

The Ace Card is subject to personalization that disables third parties to access sensitive data. During personalization your personal secure keys to access your blockchain data are generated by the secure element and stored on a secure element of the Ace Card. Ace Wallet is the only application that can handle the secure keys stored Ace Card. No other apps on your device know the key or the security protocol through which the Ace Wallet and the Ace Card communicate with each other. As a result, they can not be misused to access the Ace Card or the Ace Wallet. In case of theft of your card or phone, it can’t be attacked because the application itself is fingerprint protected and the data on the Ace Card is password protected by yourself. When attempting to attack the Ace Card with a brute force attack(password generators and such), the data stored on the card in the secure part is automatically deleted.

Can the Ace Card be restored in case data was deleted for any reason?

The Ace Card is deleted only if attacked by a digital attacker, or when a password is entered incorrectly over and over again while logging in. For security reasons, the Ace Card itself cannot be restored. The only way to recover your data is through the special recovery phrase(seed) that restores your blockchain – the preset words that only you, the wallet owner knows.

Will Ace Card or Ace Wallet mobile application work on my device?

The Ace Card can be used on any mobile device that supports microSD cards. We do not currently have an extension for phones without a microSD slot. Minimal version for usage is the Android 4.5.0 version.