Two-factor authentication

Your sensitive blockchain data that is protected by a secure, certified chip embedded on a dedicated microSDHC Memory Card and is encrypted to protect against possible intrusion by requesting a secondary authentication using a password that only you know. If an attacker does not know your secondary password, he has no way to break the security of the encrypted data stored in the secure element of the microSDHC Memory Card.

Certified hardware secure chip

Ace Card is the only solution on the secure crypto apps market, that stores sensitive data for the access to the blockchain in specialised microSDHC Memory Card hardware. Using Ace Card, you do not have to carry any other external devices (USB keys etc.), but rather put it directly into your smartphone or tablet. No sensitive data is stored on the Android device itself. Your data is securely encrypted and stored on the secure chip of the Ace Card where it can not be touched.

Finger print security

The mobile Ace Wallet for your cryptocurrencies is used from your Android device that can be protected by fingerprint(in case your device supports the fingerprint feature). If you have a device that does not support this functionality, password authentication is used to access your wallet.

Password secured

All data is sent to the encryption chip under a password that only you know. Without this master password, the data can not be decrypted, and it is automatically deleted from the device when under attack.

Encrypted communication

The mobile device communicates with the Ace Card (special SD card) with a specially developed protocol. The whole communication is encrypted and password protected by the Ace Card owner. Communication cannot be captured by a “man-in-the-middle attack” and only the Ace Wallet can communicate with the security chip on the Ace Card.

Auto erase function

If your mobile phone or the Ace Card are stolen from you, it is virtually impossible to get to the sensitive data on the Ace Card’s encryption chip. No data is stored in the public places and your blockchain sensitive data cannot be accessed unless the attacker knows the exact way the device communicates with the Ace Card and also has accessed data to break the encryption. When trying to attack the card, the Ace Card mechanism automatically erases the data on the Ace Card. This Auto erase function serves as a brute force attack protection (password generators, etc.).

Security certifications
Our Ace Card based solution has several certifications in the field of security

For more than 3 years, we have been  developing a secure solution using a special microSDHC Memory Card that has a security chip in place. We are well aware that security is the most important element of this project and the most critical issue for the whole crypto-community.

This solution was not just about the idea of the Ace Wallet connected with the Ace Card hardware itself, but also about the protocol through which the mobile device can safely communicate with the processor on the card.

Encryption certificates

Technical examination (evaluation) of the secure chip according to the security criteria published by Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) or generally recognised security criteria.

Certificate: BSI-DSZ-CC-0857-V2-2015

Certificate: BSI-DSZ-CC-0633-V2-2014

Certificate: BSI-DSZ-CC-0858-V2-2015

Certificate: BSI-DSZ-CC-0750-V2-2014

Valid: 2020, April 26

VISA’s Product Compliance Recognition

For secure element chip (HW) and secure element OS (SW)

Certificate: MPNXPS0348A

Valid: 2018, March 16

EMVCo – Certification of Secure Element Hardware

EMVCo exists to facilitate worldwide interoperability and acceptance of secure payment transactions. It accomplishes this by managing and evolving the EMV® Specifications and related testing processes.

Certificate: ICCN: EMVCo IC Certificate Number (chip HW): ICCN0149

Valid: 2016

EMVCo – Certification of Secure Element Software

Software approaches for online transactions that involve interaction with the card-issuing bank or network’s web site, such as Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode

Certificate: PCN0010 EMVCo Platform Certificate (chip SW platform): PCN0010

Valid: 2016

Mastercard® CAST

Compliance Assessment & Security Testing MPCN

Certificate: MasterCard CAST (Compliance Assessment & Security Testing) MPCN 

Valid: 2016

Mastercard® LoA

Letter of Approval
Ace Card is based on microSD card that was certified by Mastercard as Mobile Mastercard™ PayPass® product in 2014

Certificate: MLOA-LOMO140601-140725)a)

Valid: 2016