Safer mobile
Bitcoin payments


Use your mobile phone as a hardware wallet
A microSD Memory Card – Ace Card with an encryption chip protects your
blockchain money

Certified hardware solution

Perfect blend of
Security and Functionality

Manage your finances securely with the help of Ace Wallet, the Android App tied to a secure Ace Card

Currently supported currencies

Our security

List of security certificates

Ace card uses a hardware solution in accordance with CC EAL5+ and has been authorized by several international certification schemes

Mastercard certification
An authorized solution for a safe payment method
Valid: 2016

Visa certification
Visa hardware certification on the security chip on the card
Valid: 2018 (March)

Secure chip certification
Certification of the security element that protects your private data

Certified Hardware communication
Verified security of device communication with a cryptographic chip

Secure chip for your

Bitcoin right in your smart device

No need to attach any external devices works comfortably and safely

Secure chip

Data stored on the Ace Card is protected while sitting on a certified secure chip(a hardware with temper-resistant security), that saves sensitive credentials for access to the blockchain in a secure spot that is not publicly accessible. All of this data is transmitted over a secured communication protocol and can only communicate with the respective Ace Wallet app.

Ace Card common storage

The Ace Card also provides a common storage. The storage is available for the user  and can be utilized in the same way as with any standard microSD Memory Card. However, no sensitive data is stored here. That data is stored happens in a special, secure part of the microSD card which can only be accessed by the Ace Wallet app via two step authentication.

Encrypted communicationsing

The mobile device communicates with the Ace Card  a specially developed protocol. The whole communication is encrypted and password protected by the Ace Card owner. This communication cannot be captured by a “man-in-the-middle attack” and only the Ace Wallet can communicate with the secure chip of the Ace card.

Who is

behind the Ace Card project?

People who are involved in the security of your cryptocurrencies

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