How did we get here?

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen several solutions that provide the ability to work with the crypto market segment through different cloud systems or external hardware for computers. Now we come to this market segment with the idea of implementing secure crypto-operations that can be run on mobile devices – without having to carry another device that safely stores data(like an additional USB key).


Our solution is integrated into a dedicated microSHDC Memory Card that includes a processor to encrypt and store data. You no longer have to carry external readers with you and you are not limited to safe work only from your computer, but you can directly carry out crypto-operations from your mobile or tablet.


We needed to proof our idea, so we have passed the entire solution through a rigorous security audit and received the proper security certification for our solution.


The product is now in the final pre-sale phase and our energy is currently focusing on delivering Ace Cards and Ace Wallet Android app to our first customers.




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Our team
Project Ace Card

The people that are making sure that your cryptocurrencies are safe and sound


Martin is the founder of the Ace Card project. More than 10 years of experience in security development for the banking sector and Java certifications. Long-standing experience from the corporate sector has helped him build the team around him that supplies Ace Card for you.


Hardware architect
Peter is a major expert on hardware and a communications developer who is connecting Android devices and the dedicated Ace Cards. Peter is behind the development of the driver that can transfer secure data from a mobile device to a security chip on the Ace Card.


Tech Lead
The main focus area for Andrej is the communication security solution between the secure hardware component and the Android device. He is our main expert in data communication and encryption.


Block chain developer
Software Architect working with blockchain solutions. He deals with connecting to the blockchain and communicating with this network.


Android developer
Mobile app development and creation of new features in Ace Wallet Android apps. Andrej works on the UX and graphic design of the app.

Support and sales
Jakub covers customer support for the entire Ace Card project. He works with users and handles product orders in several languages.